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“We are living in the most solemn period of this world's history. The destiny of earth's teeming multitudes is about to be decided. Our own future well-being, and also the salvation of other souls, depends upon the course which we now pursue.”1
In this time of economic uncertainty, when every part of the economy seems to be in turmoil, whether manufacturing, finance, or world and national trade, this economic depression seems to only worsen.  Future forecasts do not hold out any optimistic hope for recovery. We are also witnessing disasters in nature on an unprecedented scale, with tornados, flash floods, hurricanes and earthquakes increasing at an alarming rate. We are also witnessing in this new millennium the changing face of global terrorism. This has a fanatical religious element embedded into it, with suicide bombers, gunmen, and savage attacks on individuals, along with the threat of chemical, biological and nuclear devastation being unleashed without any warning. It is unlike the terrorism of old which was used as a political weapon and not just for senseless murder. Another threat that we face is the constant threat of regional, national and civil wars as we see men and nations scramble for control of Earth’s limited natural resources.
We live in a time of permanent arms industries and also the stockpiling in weapons of mass destruction and large standing national professional armies. It has come to a point when nations rage non-declared wars against each other, and most of these wars are un-winnable. The purpose of this is for the military industrial complex or arms manufacturers to reap huge profits at the expense of continual human suffering. 
They fuel their lust for money by purchasing politicians and statesmen through the financing of their political campaigns. Once these men and women are elected to office the corporations, companies and banks that have sponsored them encourage these corrupted politicians to pass laws that will further the aims of those who profit from human suffering. This system is so interlocked and controlled that when these politicians leave office they are often employed
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