the European Commission, has confirmed that there was a plot to remove the Prime Minister from her position.”24
David Rockefeller in his memoirs states “Bilderberg is overlapped by another organization called the Pesenti Group. He states: “Jean Monet, Robert Schuman, and Conrad Adenauer were founding members of the group.” “Members of the Pesenti group were all committed to European political and economic integration, but a few - Archduke Otto of Austria, the head of the House of Hapsburg and claimant to all the lands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; Monsignor Alberto Giovanetti of the Vattican and a prominent member of Opus Dei the conservative Catholic organization … were preoccupied by the Soviet threat and the inexorable rise to power of the Communist parties of France and Italy … Pesenti set the agenda for our thrice-yearly meetings, and Maitre Violet who had close connections with the Deuxieme Bureau of the Service des Renseigenements (the French CIA), provided lengthy background briefings.”25 It is interesting to note that the Jesuit educated founding fathers of the EEC (European Economic Community) - Monnet, Gaspari, Spaak, Adenauer, and Schuman - were champions of the concept of European unity.  Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of Germany, was Privy Chamberlain to the Pope, and declared in 1953 that “Germany has a divine mission to save Western Europe.”
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