history of wars and turmoil in the past centuries. And in the 20th century alone millions have been sacrificed in two World Wars.  Europe is the only continent in which almost all the countries within its boundaries have nuclear capabilities. It is also one of the most advanced continents in communication, economics, technology and industrial output in the world. These conditions are ideal for a trial run of what this clandestine alliance plans for the whole world. For any enterprise of this magnitude there has to be a sacrifice. The sacrifice that this enterprise will force member nations to make will be the tremendous loss of losing their own national sovereignty.
The Iron Lady
“The Babel Express is the title of a chapter in Margaret Thatcher’s book, The Downing Street Years. The sub-heading of the chapter is “Relations within the European Community - 1987-1990.” In it she outlines her fears of the moves towards a suprastate and the loss of British sovereignty. The title of the chapter implies her recognition that the European Union is an attempt to build a modern tower of Babel.”22  The late Lady Margaret Thatcher was beforehand placed in an excellent position so as to know what she was talking about - she was a member of the Bilderbergers.23 This satanic hurricane that was moving to bring about unification within the European continent, was stemmed by God moving on the heart of a single woman who lost all, including her premiership, to retain the independent economic and political sovereignty of the British Isles. Oh how the Lord needs people of the same fidelity to stand for what is right, even in the face of losing everything that they have ever worked for. There will be many heroes in the impending conflict that is about to be unleashed in the future. “In the late Summer of 1989 ... Spotlight which is a Washington DC newspaper seeking to get behind the news produced by other newspapers ... reported that the Bilderbergers had met on the island of La Toja, off the coast of Spain during 11th-14th May. The report stated, “Sources inside the secret society of international financiers and political leaders said their clandestine meeting this year emphasised the need to bring down Mrs. Thatcher because of her refusal to yield British sovereignty to the European superstate that is to emerge in 1992.” It is interesting, therefore, that in the Autumn of that year, the first attempt to remove Margaret Thatcher began with Sir Anthony Meyers acting as a stalking horse. Within 18 months she was gone! Bernard Connoly, a senior official of
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