Final Thoughts
From what we can establish it seems like embedded deep inside the Bilderberg group, steering those who are steering the group, there is a secret unknown power driving the world into a totalitarian Fascist dictatorship. This dictatorship will plunge the inhabitants of this planet into a new dark age, which will be of a more sinister nature because they will harness technology and science in a perverted and demonic manner to seek to corrupt the inhabitants of the Earth.
We are now living in a time when party politics no longer exists. This can be seen by the fact that our leading politicians attend Bilderberg meetings and set the political agenda ahead for the rest of the year. David Cameron, Peter Mandelson, and Ed Balls all attend these meetings and have their instructions given to them.
We at Voice in the Wilderness pray and hope that God will open the eyes of all mankind to awake to the impending danger that is about to strike.
Proclaiming The Three Angel's Messages To The World ...
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