believe that it is only a debating society with no power, authority, influence, or agenda. Evidence that takes a view contrary to this reveals quite the opposite.
“Anyone naive enough to believe that the Bilderberger group is just a debating society which has no bearing or impact on world affairs should stop, think, and ponder these questions: 1. If these meetings are as boring and uninteresting as the Bilderbergers would have us believe, would international bankers, billionaire industrialists, royalty, leading political figures, top scientists, military men and academicians, media magnates and other elitists tear themselves away from their usually hectic schedules, for close to a week to travel up to half way around the world in order to attend? 2. If the proceedings are dull and so devoid of public interest, what is the point of having an army of up to 1,000 troops and security personnel turn the meeting places into veritable armed camps? 3. If nothing truly significant and worthwhile is discussed, why do the organizers always insist on the residence of the resorts where they meet, having to leave their apartments (and other hotels in the area) while the meetings are in session? 4. Why do they suspend the regular staff members at the resorts where they meet and bring in non-English speaking people to staff the resorts for the duration of the meetings? 5. Why do the organizers have all the conference rooms “debugged” each morning, and before each afternoon or evening session?”18
The plan for Europe
“The express purpose of the Bilderberger group is to regionalise Europe. This goal was revealed by Giovanni Agnelli, the head of Fiat and one of the leaders of the Bilderbergers. Agnelli stated: “European integration is our goal and where the politicians have failed we industrialists hope to succeed.” ”19 There are many other occult secret societies who are inspired by Adam Weishaupt’s vision of a New World Order. The role of the Bilderbergers is to create a New International Economic Order.20 This project is a very sophisticated and complicated task. Therefore the Bilderbergers have decided to start with a small project, before the emergence of a global super international economic structure. “George McGhee, the former U.S. ambassador to West Germany, revealed that “the Treaty of Rome which brought the Common Market into being was nurtured at the Bilderberg meetings.”21 It is our conviction that Europe has been chosen because of its
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